Take the frost out of cold outreach

Frost is a Chrome Extension that writes a custom cold email template for prospects when you visit their website so you don't have to, making your cold email outreach and lead research way, way faster.

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Generate custom, well researched cold email templates in 1-click

Check out the demo below

Reduce your sales efforts by 95%

Check out the example email template Frost wrote below

Frost also finds prospect data for you when you visit a lead's website

Open Frost when on a lead's site to see prospects and have Frost generate a customised cold email template for you to copy/paste into your CRM or email software.

Turn 15 minutes of research, into 10 seconds.

Currently your sales team has to research the company and manually write a custom sales email to the prospect. With Frost, our Chrome Extension does the research for you, adds your pitch and produces a human-quality sales email in seconds. Gamechanger.

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It now takes just 10 seconds to compose a tailored cold email for each prospect. Magic.

Get started with Frost

You can install Frost via the Chrome extension store below. You'll need to create an account and have an active plan to use it. The extension will help you get set up.

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